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Sarkodie In Trouble For Calling On NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi To Retract Cartoon Meme Tweet

The tweet generated a lot of stir on the internet with over 98 percent reactions condemning the move hence calling for it to be pulled down. Not so long ago, the world was hit with another racy incident in the United States Of America in which a black man is confiscated by the neck to death by a white cop. The white cop knelt on the neck of the deceased until he passed out.

This unfortunate occurrence has provoked worldwide condemnation with hashtags like BlacklifeMatters, JusticeForFloyd, and many others, all to pull out awareness on the lives of blacks and racism.

The National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress, the NDC, nonetheless, shared a cartoon of Black man tagged as “Voters” crying out for breathe and being Knelt on by the neck by the electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah. Whatever the motive was, Sammy Gyamfi would not be happy with the outcome.

Tweeps who were the initial critics, jabbed the Opposition Party’s communicator, Sammy Gyamfi for sharing the Cartoon meme as they described the action as shameful and one that clearly seeks to exploit, mock and turn a sensitive issue of racism and racial profiling into a joke just for personal political gains.

However, others found nothing wrong with the cartoon meme as they counter critics that the cartoon doesn’t mock the painful racy murder of the late George Floyd or seek to exploit the situation for political capital in any way. They assert that Floyd was choked to death while screaming for breath same here in Ghana,the Head of the Electoral commission, Jean Mensah on in the office as commissioner is seeking to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters

In a comeback the communication astonishes critics with a photo of USA’s Joe Biden

he writes

“I wonder if this allegory by Joe Biden also seeks to exploit the murder of George Floyd for political capital? Personally, I see no difference between the conduct of Derek Chauvin and that of the Jean Mensah-led EC. That’s my opinion. You are entitled to yours”


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