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Ali Domon Peter Profile

Ali Domon Peter is my name. I was born on July 7 2000 at northern part of the Ghana. My father’s name is Ali benllilla and my mother’s name is Ali n-nyem my grandfather’s name is benllilla. I was born from a poor family of which my both parents are still together I want I was born from in a vellage at northern region called kpakpalgu currently stilled at damanko nkwanta north district.

U began my school at the age of 5 at damanko D/A primary school . My parents took a good care of me at my aducation till I rich a of class (6)from there , my parents were not been able to take care of me at my aducation side. So what could I do to hustle on my own.i started paying of my school fees and other things that are necessary from class 6 to jhs . When I get to form two I drop out from school because there was no money for me to continue my school, so then know a man called Nana Samson at West ing region punikrom for a help. I help him about a year before I able to get the money . I therefore return to my home town Damanko. I went to my school and explain how things were going on bad with my parents and they accept me again in the same school . I completed my just 2017 / 2018 academic year . As I completed due to financial problem I couldn’t futher my she that very year .

So I started asking things like food in Accra. I started and raised a bussines a small skill bussines interprise. My first bussines to raised was buying and selling of provision. And I realized that the selling of provision want on a little and support me by raised . I started a new opportunity to by James Gabriel from Nigeria. Which is known as GNLD.i in the company become a colliffied senior manager . To day I own a company known as KKB music awards. Ali Domon Peter is the CEO of kkb music awards currently live in Accra Ghana.


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