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Hitting the Ghanaian music industry with its ingenuity and creativity is upcoming artist The Change’s ‘Madanfo’ music video.

With the global shift in the way music is sold to the average music consumer, music videos have moved away from just visuals to a song to storytelling, brand selling and customer persuasions.

CGI surrounding Madanfo by The Change

This change is also being gradually phased throughout Ghana with quality music videos being shot and put out to the Ghanaian music fan.

One of such music videos is The Change’s new Madanfo music video.

ull coin effect in Madanfo by The Change

From the stunning use of CGI visual effects on an abstract story telling theme, the video for Madanfo channels a new urge to spearhead the revolution in Ghanaian music videos.

Not to take anything away from existing music videos which do not such technology to enhance its output, Madanfo will be talked about for years as probably the very first Ghanaian music video directed by a Ghanaian to use CGI.

Car still from Madanfo by The Change

The visual effects used are not the only thing to take away from this video. A well thought out storyline featuring lots of cosmic scenes make the 7-minute video one that will be talked about.

The floating car scene fits perfectly and aptly sends across the message the music video seeks to give out.

Video Review: Madanfo by The Change
Ebony honourary scene in Madanfo by The Change

Ending the video, Madanfo sets out to honour the names mentioned in the song by showing their images or listing their names behind the change who switches from standing in front of the images to being on top of a CGI car.

The last scenes to the Madanfo music video are such a fitting way to end a stunning video that will open the doors for more music videos of its kind.

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