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Moesha gives her man a good compliment that tells he is a man with super big-long thing

Moesha is full of praise for her superman, says she’s got the best man in the world.

For a man to hold down a woman like Moesha who is everyone’s crush should tell one that, he’s not only a good caring man but a super man with a big long good di*ck which is capable of satisfying her on bed.

Moesha once upon a time told the world in an interview with American television reporter Christian Amanpour on CNN that, she does go around with rich men for the kudi and the whole Ghana came after her for embarrassing our beautiful Ghanaian women.

Moesha took to Snapchat and was gushing over her man.

“I got the best man in the world ”

Moesha Boduong snapchat

You should be happy she’s deeply in love with her man and her sugar daddies can now pay their children’s school fees with the money they’ve been using to sponsor.

Moesha is one of the most beautiful and hot woman in Ghana showbiz at the moment. Her backside is super something else..

Moesha Boduong

MoeBoo is a super rich woman, she Shows Off Tear Rubber Car, Tear Rubber Braids And Probably A Tear Rubber Skin Too

Today our celeb selfie of the day is this Moesha Boduong shot as she popped out fresh like Bukom Banku. As y’all can see, she’s sitting in a tear rubber car with some fresh some braids and mostly likely a tear rubber skin too.

Everything fresh!! We think MoeBoo has now certainly reach that Ella Mensah level where poor people will get lost just at the mention of her name before she even passes by. Or what do you think?.

Moesha Boduong


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