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Daniel Atta Gyamfi is my name And My stage name is (Danny Reigns)… I was born in Accra and Raise in Tema and later come back to Accra to complete my Junior High School. I’m from Boanim Around Ashanti Mampong, in Ashanti region .

I completed Junior High School in Accra at (Laterbiorkoshie)Presbyterian School around Shukura. And I live in Sabone Zongo but currently I’m in Kumasi now . We were born in twins I And My Brother.

My Mother Name is Philipa Ataa Owusuwaa and My God Mother name is Patricial Mary Gantenbring in Germany . And how I got into music was very shocking cause when I was 10 -17yrs old i used to hate music and music wasn’t part of my life . And God been so good after completing High School at (OKOMFO ANOKYE SNR.HIGH SCH) In wiamoasi I move to Kumasi and that’s where I begin to listen to music and love music..

And when I was a kid I sometimes have the feeling of writing a song and singing too buh I hate it . So when I move to Kumasi then I begin walking with the kumawood movie Komfuo Mobiem, Kyikyeratwan,Frank Naro, Agya ba, and since then I begin going out a program with some of the Kumawood Stars

So since then somewhere around 2016 there was a movie producer in our house and he is also an actor too, Anytime he will come to my room he sees me rapping and singing ???? and he told me that Daniel u good in music why don’t u put your self into music ,And from then he begins to motivate me and I also encourage my first song was entitled: l LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM .

And This Song was RnB And later on I begin with it and love music more. So music became to be my everything and I got the passion for music.

My first song was so good and my friends congrats me for that and to keep up with it . And my first record label is (ST. Music) and later I quite to join a different record label with the name (G Coast Entertainment)

And records label wasn’t helping me so I decided to quite And to not join any records label and to be myself and ma own thing .

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